Winter Break in Da Vinci’s International Primary School
Winter Break in Da Vinci’s International Primary School

Winter Break in Da Vinci's

After two weeks of winter break, it's time to show what has happened in our school recently. Our youngest students had the opportunity to take part in art classes, games and field trips prepared for them. There was a lot going on and choosing just one favorite day would be extremely difficult. For this reason, we will briefly tell you about everything.

First of all, we were very happy with the snow, which made our day pleasant with its presence and allowed us to organize numerous outdoor activities for children.



Art Classes

After playing in the snow, it was time for other activities. During the art classes, inspired by the beautiful winter, the students prepared their own models of ice rinks with moving figures. They also created igloos, which they later placed on an arctic board and surrounded with animal figurines.



With the help of out art teacher, Mrs. Agnieszka, the students also prepared unique carnival masks. They could decorate each of them according to their own ideas. They would certainly be suitable for a ball or party.



Games and Other Activities in School

Our students, of course, had a lot of energy, so they were happy to take part in various games. The plans included hockey, throwing balls at the snowman and even playing with pasta. There was no time for boredom - the teachers had many ideas in store.



It also turned out that you don't need a snow-covered slope for skiing. It is enough to make skis yourself, decorate them properly, and then go to the school gym. It is this place that has become a race track and arena of competition for our students.



Field Trips during the Winter Break

Playing in the snow next to the school was great, but we also managed to go somewhere further. At the ice rink, children learned to skate, with the help of penguins, who became great play companions.



We also tried other winter sports. On the Podstolice-Ski Ski Slope, students learned to ski under the watchful eye of an instructor. They were shown how to keep their balance and how to start their skiing adventure.



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