Individual development profile

At Da Vinci's International Primary School we make sure that:

  • every pupil with their unique personality has the opportunity to broaden their knowledge with the support of teaching methods that best fit them;
  • the truth about the world is discovered creatively and with active use of the potential of all types of intelligence;
  • the pupils acquire knowledge and achieve good results, with a lot of focus on the development of interpersonal skills, self-confidence and their individual potential;
  • holistic approach to learning and education provides support, encouragement, and a sense of security;
  • the taught values of respect and tolerance translate into responsibility and understanding world citizenship;
  • every pupil receives the tools for discovering the world and developing that match their abilities and talents;
  • the different types of intelligence and teaching methods are reflected in the system of evaluation of the progress made by our pupils.

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Individual development and stimulation of natural talents of the children are provided thanks to numerous extracurricular activities and personalised approach to teaching the curriculum content.

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Albert Einstein