Three-day Field Trip to Zakopane
Three-day Field Trip to Zakopane

We visit Zakopane and its surrondings!

Last week the youngest students of our school went on a three-day trip to Zakopane. During it, a lot of attractions awaited them, from hiking in the mountains, through the swimming pool, to a visit to the museum of illusions. Each of the children must have found a moment during these three days that was especially remembered by them.

Trips to the mountains can be very different from each other, so this time we decided to take a walk to Rusinowa Polana and a funicular ride to Gubałówka. Amazing views awaited us in both places, full of green and blue. The weather was also good, and the trip caused many smiles on the faces of the children. See for yourself how we had fun then!



One of the biggest attractions during the trip was a visit to the museum of illusions. It was there that our students had the opportunity to travel through fantastic worlds and bend space-time at  unique exhibition. A trip to the North Pole, a ski jump or a visit to a witch's hut - feel free to choose from this list because in the museum of illusion children have found each of these places!


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