Summer mural
Summer mural

Our students created summer mural!

During June, 6th and 7th grade students have been working on summer mural that would remind everyone of this warm time of the year and travels. Not only were they able to do something that would go beyond the school walls, but they also had the opportunity to have a great time. After all, it is not possible to paint on a container outdoors every day.




The whole action was supervised by our amazing and talented art teachers - Agnieszka and Karolina. With their help, the students could make a mural from scratch and see how such things are done in practice. We would like to thank them for their idea and initiative, and congratulate the students on a well-made project!

Below you can see a gallery with photos from the mural creation. It is also possible to admire it live. All you have to do is go for a walk to Bagry in Cracow. The mural is located on the premises of the Żeglarski Klub HORN (HORN Sailing Club).


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