Summer Activities – Nature Week
Summer Activities – Nature Week

5th - 9th July - Nature Week

Taking advantage of the warm weather, we spent several days outdoors. The Nature Week has become a great opportunity for walks among the greenery, a few field trips and learning more about plants.



Zoo Field Trip

One of the greatest attractions was probably the trip to the Zoological Garden in Krakow. Children could get a close look at various animals and learn something new about them. We watched giraffes, meerkats and even wild cats - from a safe distance, of course. We could also admire the beautiful tails of peacocks wandering proudly along the alleys.


Botanic Garden

There was also interest in plants. In the Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University, we found relaxation from everyday hustle and bustle and we were able to establish even greater contact with nature. Children could see for themselves how amazing flora can be.


Nature exercises

The other activities also provided the children with a lot of entertainment. Planting flowers and collecting leaves allowed them to get to know these plants better, to see what they look like and what their features are. Thus, we used the practical dimension of science. The children could check their knowledge on specially prepared worksheets, and at the end of the nature week, everyone received a diploma for participation.


And HERE you can check what we did last week. It was focused on computer science and robotics.

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