Summer Activities – Maritime Week
Summer Activities – Maritime Week

26th - 30th June - Maritime Week

Last week we went to the Yacht Klub Polski Kraków sailing club, where a real adventure awaited us. We have learned a lot: we now know how a sailboat is built, how to steer it, we know the basic sailing weaves, and the most important thing, we learned the basic safety rules of sailing. A real treat was sailing on the Vistula river with a sailboat and a fast motorboat, which caused many positive emotions. A professional sailor, Mrs. Gabrysia, and her mother, Mrs. Monika watched over everything. We would like to thank them for their time - it was great!



Later, at school, inspired by the adventure on the water, we made a project of a lighthouse and our own miniature boats. As usual, the students showed their creativity in this task.



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