Summer Activities – Art Week
Summer Activities – Art Week

2nd - 6th August - Art Week

The previous week was devoted to art and artistic experiments. Colorful paints went into motion and the children became real artists. We used the pouring technique to create our works. It means you just pour the paint directly onto the canvas or other surface. This can be done in different ways, making the end result different and unique every time.



Creating our own art

You can see the effects of our work below - we managed to create a whole gallery full of fanciful patterns and colors!




In our artistic challenges, we did not limit ourselves only to the pouring technique. We also spent some time painting holiday landscapes with palm trees. We used acrylic paints for them and we think we captured the atmosphere of holiday evenings in warm countries quite well.



Looking for inspiration in the museums

Being an artist also means wandering in search of inspiration. Our journey took us to the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow. We saw the exhibits there and took part in short workshops. Contact with contemporary art encouraged us to create our own works, this time inspired by the works of Andy Warhol and pop art.



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