November in Da Vinci’s International Primary School
November in Da Vinci’s International Primary School

November in Da Vinci's

A lot has happened in our school in the last month. There were a few holidays to celebrate, the lessons were engaging, and we absolutely could use our creativity in its full potential. We invite you to take a look at November!



The beginning of the month was marked by Diwali, the festival of light. It was an opportunity for Indian students to introduce their traditions and culture to other children. Within a few days, we watched dance shows, took part in Rangoli and Mehendi workshops and tried unique delicacies. All photos from Diwali celebrations can be seen in a separate gallery.


National Independence Day

November 11th is the National Independence Day in Poland. The students took a moment to reflect on its meaning and recall what the history of Poland looks like. It is impossible, after all, to move forward completely without looking into the past and learning from what happened before.


Solar System - MYP Exhibition

This month, 6th grade students shined by making models of the planets of the Solar System and creating an exhibition with them. During breaks, they presented it to their friends and played the role of teachers, telling about numerous interesting facts. The full gallery from the exhibition can be seen in a separate entry.


Solar System - IPC

The 4th grade also became interested in the topic of the Solar System. During the IPC classes, students used interactive whiteboards and digital materials for learning. After exploring the subject, they used their newly acquired knowledge to make colorful posters.


Non-Newtonian Fluid

Another creative activity was to make a non-Newtonian liquid from potato flour, water and paint. It is an unusual substance that, under the influence of pressure, can change the state of matter from liquid to solid. This also works the other way around. Non-Newtonian liquid is just as easy to change from solid to liquid.


Art classes

During the art classes, students learned how to make monotypes. This graphic technique that allowed them to make several copies of an artwork. Animals became the main topic.



Originating in the United States, Thanksgiving helps us to reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives. We cannot always see it at first glance, which is why such a moment of reflection can be extremely useful. Our students understand this, and on a tree prepared for this purpose they stuck leaves with a list of things for which they are grateful.


Letters to Santa Claus

The youngest students decided not to waste time and wrote early enough and then sent letters to St. Nicholas. They attached them to red balloons so that none of them would get lost. However, not everyone revealed what was on their wishlist this year.


St. Andrew's Day

Many people associate the last days of November with St. Andrew's Day (Andrzejki). It was no different at our school - the children started pouring wax, found fortune-telling in cookies and learned about various customs related to this day. More photos can be found in a separate gallery.


November Challenge

Finally, we present the works the youngest kids made this month. The subject of the challenge was to create something out of wood. The students fulfilled the task perfectly, making unique constructions.

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Albert Einstein