School outfit in English Primary School

The idea of uniforms as obligatory and inherent element of education is present in the British education system, which we implement in English Primary School.

However, it is not the only reason why wearing school uniforms on the daily basis is obligatory!

We deeply believe that because we live in the world regulated by rules and standards, it is worth teaching the child that a necessary condition is the ability to abide by the rules in the name of harmonious social life.

The child’s individuality is shaped not by its clothes, but by creating unlimited development opportunities and inspiring to take challenges. School outfit and abiding by its rules is an introduction to learning to obey the law, road regulations, rules of neighbour coexistence, respect for others, and understanding the gravity of certain institutions.

The school outfit of English Primary School includes:
  • white top / long or short-sleeved shirt (cotton Polo T-shirt is admissible);
  • navy-blue cardigan or waistcoat with the school emblem;
  • a tie with school colours; 


  • navy-blue skirt and white, navy-blue or grey tights (in Summer knee-socks of the same colours),
  • navy-blue trousers on cold days;


  • navy-blue trousers or shorts and white, navy-blue or grey socks;
  • shoes in subdued colours;

The sports outfit of English Primary School includes:

  • white long or short-sleeved top with the school emblem;
  • white trousers or shorts with the school emblem;
  • white socks;
  • white sports shoes;

At the beginning of the school year, first-graders receive the following school outfit elements from English Primary School:

  • tie;
  • long-sleeve cardigan or sweater;
  • waistcoat;

School clothes are sewn in standard sizes: 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152, 158, 164, 170. Parents may order any element of the outfit at any stage of the school year.

The price list of clothes is available in the School Headmaster’s office.

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