School Day-Care Room
A real Day-Care Room

The school Day-Care Room is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. On the basis of the school’s educational programme the Day-Care Room organises activities that allow children to develop their interests and support pupils in discovering their talents.

The afternoon schedule of work of the Day-Care Room includes time for doing homework with teacher assistance, which lets parents manage their time spent with the child differently. The quality of time spent with the children, so important in these ‘fast times’ increases if we can devote it to common passions, conversations, or relaxation.

Relieving parents from the obligation of working with the child at home, we consciously take the responsibility for the entire education process. We believe that the relation between parent and child unburdened by school duties will positively affect the pupil’s development and attitude.

On Pilotów Street as part of extracurricular activities we organize self-study classes, during which students do their homework, prepare for classes, work on their projects, have access to the resources of the school library and the opportunity to follow the guidance of a teacher or librarian.

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