Admissions – general procedures
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The admissions process in Da Vinci's International Primary School is open all year long and, depending on the number of pupils in the classes, you can join the school at any level of primary education.

Enrolment procedure:

  1. When enrolling into the first grade, the pupil undergoes psychological tests aiming to verify their readiness for school.
  2. The key factors deciding whether the pupil will be admitted into the first grade include their preschool preparation with regard to aural, graphomotor, mathematical skills and social development.
  3. Candidates for the first grade are not required to have the knowledge of English. Therefore, it is not important what kindergarten the child attended.
  4. In the case of enrollment in grades II-VIII, there is an interview between the Candidate and a psychologist to determine the individual predispositions and needs of the Candidate.
  5. Candidates for grades II-VIII are invited to an interview during which their knowledge of English on the sufficient level for joining the group will be verified.
  6. Only after positive feedback from the school psychologist and English teacher, the Candidate is invited to a maximum of three free trial days at the school.
  7. After the trial days and consultation with teachers, the candidate's enrollment in the school may be formalized by signing the Agreement.
  8. The order of entering the child on the list of candidates or the fact that the child’s siblings already attend the school is not important in the admissions process.
  9. Interview with the parents is supposed to check their readiness to cooperate with the school representatives.
  10. School authorities are fully aware of the fact that pupils come from different countries in which education systems defining age criteria for particular grades are different from the ones applied in Poland. The school reserves the right to place the pupil in the most suitable grade at its discretion.
  11. The school reserves the right to refuse to admit a pupil if specific needs of the child, emotional, motor, or purely pedagogical, cannot be satisfied.
  12. The school may also refuse to admit a pupil on the basis of negative evaluation received from their previous school.

If a pupil meets the school admission conditions, they are entered in the Pupils Book (after submitting documents from previous school, signing Agreement by the parents and payment of the admissions fee).

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