House Challenge – May Edition – grades IV – VIII
House Challenge – May Edition – grades IV – VIII

 Dear Students!

The topic of the May challenge is tribes.
You can choose a native tribe from your continent and create either a documentary film or a presentation.

The information that must be found in the film/presentation is:

1. Where the tribe is from?
2. When did they live?
3. Their beliefs and/or religion. 
4. What language(s) did they speak?
5. Any monuments/cities they built.
6. How did they dress?
7. Their traditions (holidays, rituals, etc.).
8. Are they still alive today? If not, what happened to them?
9. Pictures/Visuals.
10. Any other fun facts you may find.

Please remember to include a works cited page (how to make a works cited page can be found on Edmodo in the folder “MLA format” in your English group). If you do not include a works cited page you will receive one less star than you would with it – for turning in a project with a works cited page you can receive up to 3 stars.

The presentation/film must be send to Mrs. Monika until Tuesday, May 26th.

Good luck!

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