Go Green! – Elephant toothpaste and styrofoam
Go Green! – Elephant toothpaste and styrofoam

Go Green! - Elephant toothpaste and styrofoam

During the last Go Green class, students performed further experiments to satisfy their curiosity. This time they were interested in creating elephant paste and playing with styrofoam.


Elephant toothpaste is a foamy substance that results from the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide using potassium iodide or yeast and warm water as a catalyst. The speed of the reaction depends on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The effects of the experiment are cosmic - the resulting foam pours out of the container and creates fanciful patterns.


The topic of the second activity in the class was styrofoam. The students tried to answer the questions of what styrofoam is and what will happen when we put it in acetone or water? Then they used this material in a very creative way - they made sailboats from it.


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