Go Green! – Chalk, Vinegar and Rockets
Go Green! – Chalk, Vinegar and Rockets

Experiments during Go Green classes

In the last Go Green class, the students performed two experiments. During the first one, they investigated the effect of acid rain on rocks with the use of chalk and vinegar. Chalk is made of limestone, which is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. Vinegar, on the other hand, is an acid that simulates the effects of acid rain faster than it naturally occurs in nature, so you can observe this process in a shorter time.

For the second experiment, straws were needed for making paper rockets. The students noticed that the harder they blow into the straw, the further the rocket lands. This is because the air accumulated in the paper roll has no escape route and presses against the sealed end of the straw. Thereby, pressure is exerted, large enough to push the rocket roll out far away.


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