December in Da Vinci’s International Primary School
December in Da Vinci’s International Primary School

December in Da Vinci's

Last month in our school was marked by preparations for Christmas, which brought us a lot of joy. We found time for everything: decorating Christmas trees and corridors, preparing gingerbread cookies, meeting together and exchanging wishes, and even rehearsals for the Christmas performance. See how it all looked like!


Art classes

As every month, each class could show itself artistically, creating something new under the supervision of the art teacher and other teachers. The youngest children took part in the December Challenge, using recyclable materials to make decorations. Older students created the cover pages of calendars for the new year, and also went to the Nowa Huta Cultural Center to see an exhibition on photography. So there was no time to get bored.



Christmas preparations - School at Podbipięty Street

The youngest classes probably had the most opportunities to meet Santa Claus and his helpers. In December, attractions such as a visit of a Gingerbread Man, an exchange of Christmas cards with children from Norway or a charity campaign for the Małopolska Hospice in Cracow awaited them.



However, it did not end there. The students went to the workshops where they could demonstrate their creativity. They made their own Christmas decorations in the Żywa Pracownia, and sweet delicacies in the Cracow Chocolate Manufactory.



The biggest achievement of everything, however, was the preparation of the Winter Show by the students, full of singing, dancing and music. It was an opportunity for them to artistically demonstrate and share their wonderful skills with others. Anyway, see for yourself in the video below!



Christmas preparations - School at Pilotów Street

Older studens also did not waste any time during the pre-holiday weeks. Decorated Christmas trees appeared in the corridors and classrooms, and the lockers were covered with winter drawings.



Another activity in which the students took part was a competition related to the figure of Santa Claus. We liked the submitted works - a portrait painted with paints, a figurine, a poster and graphics - so much that we decided to reward everyone who prepared something.



After all these preparations, it was also time for a moment of rest and fun. The students met before Christmas to express their wishes and exchange gifts.



Usborne Book Fair

An additional attraction in December was a two-day book fair organized for students at the school at Pilotów Street. Thanks to this, they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the offer of the Usborne publishing house and stock up on books that aroused their interest. We hope it will encourage them to read even more.



Christmas performance

Older classes also decided to prepare a unique Christmas performance. Their choice was Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a man who hates Christmas but goes through a big change after a few unusual meetings. Though Dickens' work has gone through many adaptations, we encourage you to check out our students' version.



Another year is ahead of us. We hope that it will also be full of attractions and that we will be able to implement all the ideas that we already have.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Albert Einstein