Children’s Day at Da Vinci’s
Children’s Day at Da Vinci’s

Children's Day at Da Vinci's International Schools

On June 1st, we celebrated a special day on which all our students had their own holiday - Children's Day. We would like to wish all children, big and small ones, a lot of smiles, a lot of joy in life and their dreams come true!

We also want to show how our students spent this day. There were many attractions and everyone was sure to find something for themselves.



School at Podbipięty Street

The area at Podbipięty Street turned into a huge playground on Children's Day. Students could take part in art workshops, create huge soap bubbles or spend time actively on slides. To regenerate, the children could eat cotton candy and popcorn.

A fashion show full of colorful costumes was also organized on Children's Day. Some of the games were animated by high school students who took care of their younger friends.

School at Pilotów Street

The party also took place in the building at Pilotów Street. The students took advantage of the beautiful weather and organized a picnic in the sun where they played board games.

At the same time, there was a table tennis tournament in which everyone had a chance to demonstrate their skills. You could also try your hand at table football. Of course, it did not end with sports attractions, there were also more artistic activities. During the handicraft workshops, students could make their own mandalas. Afterwards, a movie screening and tasty pizza awaited them.

We hope that all students had a good time on this day and that there will be an opportunity for such meetings!

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