Reception Class in English Primary School
By starting your children's education earlier, you are giving them a greater chance for success!

We are opening a reception class that will carry out both the MEN (Ministry of National Education) and International Primary Curriculum. Apart from Polish lessons, all the classes are held in English. At the beginning of the school year the amount of Polish spoken during the classes is adjusted to the level of students' language competence, and with time, as they become more confident speakers of English, Polish is used less frequently.
The English lessons are held by a British native speaker. The main teacher in reception class is Mrs. Justyna Kopczyńska, an educationalist experienced in international educational systems.

The reception class offers the following conditions - carrying out two curricula:

  • monthly fee in the sum of PLN 2,200 payable from September until August;
  • 3 extra-curricular activities from the list of available activities are included in the monthly fee;
  • classes charged additionally: ballet, rollers, ceramics, DIY, chess, field trips organized by the School;
  • the entrance fee in the sum of PLN 2200; this fee is covering a basic set of school uniforms;
  • if a child continues her/his education in English Primary School the monthly fee is very competitive;

For more information, please read about the curriculum. Carrying out two curricula allows the child to continue her/his education in English Primary School or in any other primary school.


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