• Cyanotype during Arts

    Cyanotype in art classes During one of the last art lessons, our students learned about cyanotype. This photography technique allows ...

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  • Art classes for Mother’s Day

    Art Classes - Mother's Day Portraits Although we do not celebrate Mother's Day in Poland until May 26, in many ...

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  • Go Green! – Chalk, Vinegar and Rockets

    Experiments during Go Green classes In the last Go Green class, the students performed two experiments. During the first one, ...

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  • Visit in Botanical Garden

    Field Trip to Botanical Garden Quite recently, our students visited the botanical garden, where they took part in workshops at ...

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  • Go Green! – Chemical yo-yo

    Fun during Go Green classes The students' task at the last Go Green class was to make a chemical yo-yo. ...

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  • Go Green! – Jellyfishes in bottles

    Experiments during Go Green The last Go Green lesson was full of colors and fun. In the beginning, the students ...

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  • World Autism Awareness Day

    Posters for World Autism Awareness Day April 2nd was World Autism Awareness Day,starting the Autism Awareness Month. On this occasion, ...

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  • Go Green! -pH Indicators in Red Cabbage

    Experiments during Go Green lessons The topic of the last Go Green class was the study of red cabbage, and ...

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