• Art in 4th grade

    4th grade students participate in graphic arts lessons with commitment. The topics of the last classes were linocut and monotype.

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  • Extra activities – Go Green

    During Go Green extracurricular activities, children practiced the precision of movements and got to know, among others, notions of density, ...

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  • IIIrd grade – IPC

    Third Grade has just started the Material World topic in the IPC class. During the first lesson, the students disassembled ...

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  • Happy National Teacher’s Day!

    Dear teachers! On this special occasion, we would like to thank you for your wisdom, creativity and commitment. We wish ...

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  • 2nd grade – Speech therapy

    During speech therapy classes, class II students practiced: ☑️articulation, ☑️visual analysis and synthesis, ☑️memory, ☑️cause and effect thinking. #likedavinci

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  • 5th grade – Biology

    The 5th grade students in the biology lesson checked the presence of starch in selected food products.

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  • 1st grade – Buildings

    Our 1st graders just finished learning about buildings. They found out many interesting things about buildings from all over the ...

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  • First days at school – 1st graders

    In the first weeks our first graders got to know each other and other students of our school. We talked ...

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Albert Einstein