• Summer Activities – Photography Week

    We Learn the Secrets of Photography During the photography week, our youngest students learned the principle that everything in photography ...

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  • Summer Activities – Sailing on Bagry

    Water Sports and a Trip to Bagry Summer time is also a moment for us to learn more about water ...

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  • Summer Activities – Tropical Island

    Our Own Island in the School Yard One of the first things our students did during their summer vacation days ...

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  • End of the School Year 2021/2022

    Beginning of Summer Holiday at Da Vinci's International Primary School The end of the school year is always very emotional. ...

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  • Three-day Field Trip to Zakopane

    We visit Zakopane and its surrondings! Last week the youngest students of our school went on a three-day trip to ...

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  • School Fashion Show

    Fashion Show in School at Podbipięty Street   Recently, our students faced a considerable challenge to prepare their own fashion ...

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  • Children’s Day at Da Vinci’s International Primary School

    Children's Day in our school June 1st is always an opportunity for many games, activities and surprises. See how our ...

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  • Field Trip to Dolina Mnikowska with Grades 1-3

    Journey to Dolina Mnikowska Students from grades 1-3 have recently gone on a day trip. During it, they visited the ...

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Albert Einstein