• Father’s Day

    Father's Day at Da Vinci's On the occasion of today's Father's Day, we would like to give our best wishes ...

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  • New school playground

    School playground under construction! We are pleased to announce that today the construction of a school playground has started near ...

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  • Science Day

    Science Day in Da Vinci's Yesterday Science Day took place at our school. During this event students had the opportunity ...

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  • Hamsini’s Diploma

    Congratulations, Hamsini! Today we want to highlight the exceptional achievements of one of our students, Hamsini. She was recognized in ...

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  • Go Green! – Carbon dioxide

    Go Green! - Carbon dioxide In their last Go Green lesson, students learned a lot about carbon dioxide. First they ...

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  • Aashraya’s Diplomas

    Congratulations, Aashraya! Today we would like to congratulate Aashraya from the second grade who already has a great list of ...

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  • Art Classes in Grades 1-3

    Art Classes in Grades 1-3 The youngest students have recently created graphic works with the use of ink. The pages ...

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  • Children’s Day at Da Vinci’s

    Children's Day at Da Vinci's International Schools On June 1st, we celebrated a special day on which all our students ...

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