A healthy diet of a child is crucial!

A qualified dietician draws up our menus following the requirements of the Polish Institute of Food and Nutrition. They make sure that every day meals are rich in necessary nutrients. The meals served by our preschool provide children with 75% of recommended intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. At parents’ request we can also prepare special diets eliminating certain ingredients, harmful for the child or eliminated at parent’s request. The special diets are prepared in such a way to be as similar to the basic diet as possible. In accordance with the modern psychology of nutrition, we try to make special meals look very similar to the basic ones so that a dieting child does not feel different.

Our kitchen offers the following diets:



diet is meant for diabetics but also for children at risk of developing the disease. It does not include sugar, honey and other sweeteners. There are no sweet buns or fruit yoghurts. The glycemic index of dishes is carefully calculated. We also try to avoid processing of raw materials.


diet is dedicated to children allergic to milk proteins or lactose. Cow milk is substituted with soya, rice or almond milk, often enriched in calcium to ensure its proper amount in the diet. Dairy products are replaced with soya or other kinds of food.


diet is prepared for children allergic to egg proteins. Products including eggs are eliminated and replaced with egg-free ones.

Gluten-free, milk-free

diet is dedicated to children with coeliac disease and the ones sensitive or allergic to gluten. As gluten for such children is dangerous, we make sure that all the products used in this diet have “gluten-free” certificates. As celiac disease is often combined with lactose intolerance, we eliminate milk and its products too.

Citrus-free diet

is prepared for children allergic to citrus fruits. We are also aware that allergic reactions may be caused even by contact with a person who has peeled such fruit. We avoid all the products with even minimal amount of citrus fruits, including baby cereals with flavorings or sweets.

We are also prepared to follow other diets, such as: beef-free; egg- and chicken-free; celery- and banana-free; gluten-, milk- and beef-free; poultry- (no chicken and turkey), egg- and broth-free; butter-, margarine- and potato-free.

Ask about a special diet for your child

Write to the school dietician

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