2nd Grade’s IPC – ‘Footprints from the Past’
2nd Grade’s IPC – ‘Footprints from the Past’

Meeting with dinosaurs


Out students from 2nd Grade "Pluto" have just finished the IPC unit "Footprints from the Past". For a few weeks they have been learning about the creatures that no homo sapiens had a chance to meet face to face. They are, of course, dinosaurs. This topic appealed to both boys and girls. Among many activities related to it, students liked the "Jurassic Park" model-making project the most. After the work was done, the paper dinosaurs in the hands of the children literally came to life. We had so much fun and the roars of the T-Rex could be heard throughout the whole school. 🦕🦖



The students also had the opportunity to take part in the "Prehistoric Animals" workshop organized by the Archeological Museum in Cracow. There they learned about prehistoric animals that lived a little later than the dinosaurs and about the first people living on Earth. It was also a lot of fun to make mammoths out of clay. ✨


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