Starting in September, we invite elementary school students in grades 1-3 to a new location at 4C Pilot Street!


Recruitment for grades 0-3 is now possible at Pilotów 4c Street. Children will be safely transported to school by our buses.

If you want to register your child to 0-3 grades, contact us for more details.

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Da Vinci's International Primary School is an exceptional place that combines high quality teaching and simultaneous implementation of the Polish curriculum defined by the Ministry of National Education and International Programmes. 

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Recruitment for grades 4-8 is now possible at Pilotów 4c

If you want to register your child for those grades - contact us for more details.

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About our school

The building is located at Pilotów 4c Street in Cracow and its area exceeds 1,000 sqm.

Security of our charges is our priority, so the school area is fenced and closely monitored in order to prevent entry of unwanted visitors.

Thanks to classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and a multimedia room our pupils assimilate knowledge more easily, gain new interests and become technology-literate, which is important since technology has become an inherent element of contemporary world.

A modern and functional canteen in the school building offers the possibility of eating a meal peacefully and without hurry during the 25-minute daily break. Balanced meals and high eating comfort match the Slow Food idea and its health aspects.

Our distinctive element is a spacious and impressive sports facility with a lot of equipment necessary to run PE classes. It is also a place where our pupils can fulfil their sports passions. Location outside downtown-proper makes it also possible for us to use outdoor field, so that the pupils may spend time outside.

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  • YLE certificate

    We are implementing a special English programme preparing children for Young Learners English (YLE) exam. It is a perfect extension of integrated education at this level.

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  • Extracurricular activities

    English Primary School offers a broad range of extracurricular activities included in the tuition fee and lots of additionally paid activities.

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  • Individual development profile

    Every our pupil is an individual whose exceptional strengths must be identified. Only this will facilitate their integrated development and proper use of their potential.

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  • Curriculum

    English Primary School implements the British and Polish curriculum in English, which is our language of instruction.

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  • Methods

    We apply the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) method recommended by the European Commission.

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  • Transport

    English Primary School provides its pupils transport to school and back home, which is included in the tuition fee.

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Our mission
Friendly school

It is important for us that parents spend a lot of time with their children on family talks, playing, and pursuing their common passions. To meet the expectations of busy parents we offer a broad selection of extracurricular activities and the possibility of doing homework in our Day-Care Room with teacher support. Thanks to such a solution children learn to be responsible and consistent and have better contact with the teachers.

All books and notebooks are left in the school building — pupils go home not in order to do homework, but to spend time with their family.

Thanks to such approach, we take care of the right posture of our pupils and help them develop their passions and interests in their free time.


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Multimedia room

The educational value of multimedia is increasing — they influence the attitudes of children much stronger than traditional models presented by the parents, class tutors, or teachers. Technology may be addictive and obscure real values, but also it may be an interesting form of acquiring information in an involuntary and pleasant way. Education in the field of technology is the key to a safe functioning of young people in information society.

Our multimedia room is equipped with technologically advanced electronic equipment and helps introduce children to the digital world in a controlled way and teach them how to use the Internet securely.

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